• Version: 0.5.0
  • Date: 2018-07-18
  • Author: Finlay Scott and Iago Mosqueira, EC JRC.
  • Maintainer: Finaly Scott
  • Repository: https://github.com/flr/FLasher/
  • Bug reports: https://github.com/flr/FLasher/issues


Projection of future population and fishery dynamics is carried out for a given set of management targets. A system of equations is solved, using Automatic Differentation (AD), for the levels of effort by fishery/fleet that will result in the required abundances, catches or fishing mortalities.

To install this package, start R and enter:

install.packages("FLasher", repos="http://flr-project.org/R")

or download from the FLR releases page

WARNING: FLasher requires a 64 bit installation of R.



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Copyright (c) 2016-17 European Union. Released under the EUPL v1.2.


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  • Send a pull request on: https://github.com/flr/FLasher/
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