Basic support for FLR Stock Assessment method packages

Package: FLAssess Title: Generic classes and methods for stock assessment models Version: 2.5.0 Author: Laurie T. Kell laurie.kell@iccat.int Description: A generic set of classes for stock assessment models are provided here. Individual assessment packages should extend the basic classes. Collate: classFLAssess.R accessors.R methodsFLAssess.R FLSP.R projectControl.R project.R stf.R SepVPA.R VPA.R zzz.R handyfuncs.R deprecated.R Depends: FLCore(>= 2.5.0), methods LinkingTo: FLCore Maintainer: FLR Team flr-team@flr-project.org License: GPL 2.0 lazyLoad: Yes lazyData: Yes