• Fully open source.
  • Extensible and adaptable to most fisheries.
  • Written in R and C++.
  • Heavily based on S4 classes.
  • Interacts nicely with many R packages.


  • 19/FEB//2016 - LAUNCH if new documentation review, development at http://github.ciom/flr/doc
  • 18/FEB//2016 - RELEASE of FLBEIA 1.0

Quick start

You can install the latest version of the FLR packages using our installation script


or, if you know you have all the necessary dependencies, directly from our repository


and then maybe go through some tutorials.

Getting help

Please post your questions or suggestions to the FLR mailing list.

Conversations can be started at our scrollbak.io room.

Bug reports for individual packages can be submitted using their individual github issues page.